I Flower My Day!

Flower My Day is a colourful South Australian flower industry initiative. Flower My Day makes it easy and enjoyable to add the scent and colour of fresh flowers to your life. South Australian florists and flower growers would like you to experience the pleasure that flowers bring.

Generous Offers

Flower My Day introduces you to your local florists and shares insights on how to select and get the most from flowers. It encourages you to make flowers a positive force in your life. There are regular offers of flowers at generous prices to make it easy to reward yourself.

Be a Part of the Community

Become a part of the Flower My Day community and rediscover the simple pleasure of fresh flowers around your home and workplace. Buy flowers for all those little occasions and victories, and for the big ones as well! Flowers are motivating and uplifting, they're relaxing and revitalising.

Online or at your Florist

The Flower My Day website is just a taste of Flower My Day. For the full floral experience visit your nearest florist. Find out more about flowers, what suits your lifestyle and your décor. Let them help you with flowers for all occasions.

Over the Counter or Delivered

You can choose to pick up Flower my Day rewards at a selected florist or have them conveniently delivered to your door. Or perhaps delivered to a friend or relative instead?

Flower Power

Flowers bring your home to life. They add energy to any living space. They're nature's celebration of life and living. Breathe the fabulous scent of fresh flowers and foliage. The cool caress of soft petals. Marvel at the amazing colours and shapes.
There's nothing like flowers to lift you up and put a smile on your face.

Fresh & Direct

Flower My Day flowers are straightforward to choose and easy to purchase. The advantage is that your flowers are fresher. They come straight from your nearest florist. Where they're kept at the optimum storage temperature. You'll be supporting your local community, local businesses run by local people. And, if you'd like, local couriers will save you the trip and deliver to your door.

Become a Flower Expert

Going to a florist doesn't have to be a daunting experience. With Flower My Day you can see exactly what you're purchasing before going to the store. Each fortnight we'll bring you the story behind the flowers featured in our current reward. We also have information on what’s in season throughout the year—know what to ask for.

I Flower My Day

Feel fantastic with fresh, fragrant flowers delivered at your convenience, or available for pick up at your local florist. Brighten up every day.

Do it because you're worth it. Do it just because. I Flower My Day.

Support local South Australian florists

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