Lovely Lilies


There are several very different types of lily, each with its own unique characteristics. Cross-fertilisation has combined all these characteristics, resulting in tremendous variation. There’s a lily for everyone!

Oriental Lilies

Orientals are the largest lilies of all. They are available in a colour range of white, yellow, pink, red and combinations thereof. It’s a woody plant with leathery leaves, and they generally have 3-5 flowers. The flowers are very large (approx. 20 cm) and often bloom in an upright position. All Orientals have a smell, ranging from moderate to strong. They are approximately 90-120 cm long. An Oriental exudes grandeur and exclusivity.

Asiatic Lilies

These lilies have the richest colour palette and the widest variation of flowers and leaf shape. Unlike other types of lily, this lily has almost no fragrance. It is primarily a herbaceous plant and its stems generally have a large number of buds, often more than five. The stems are approximately 70-110 cm long. They are perfect for flower arrangements and provide a high colour density.

Longiflorum Lilies

Longiflorum lilies have trumpet-shaped flowers that hang to the side. They are generally white, but nowadays pink types are also common, as are Longiflorum lilies with upright calyces. The stem, which can be up to 1.5 m long, has 2-3 calyces and dense leaves. This type of lily has a strong smell (sweet and pervasive), especially at night. It is a classic flower, and is traditionally used in funeral flower arrangements.

LA Lilies

LA Lilies are a hybrid of Longiflorum and Asiatic lilies, and take the best of each to create a beautiful flower. It takes the vibrant colour range and dense number of flowers of the Asiatic lily, and combines it with the long vase life and classic trumpet shape of the Longiflorum. LA Lilies are also perfect for those who are sensitive to strong scents, as is type generally has very minimal to no fragrance, thanks to it's Asiatic traits! For a colourful, low-fragrance, long-lasting lily, you can't go past this winning hybrid.


Lilies are a very low maintenance cut flower, making them perfect for all kinds of floral arrangements. Follow these simple instructions and you'll get the most out of your bunch!

Lilies are strong and always thrive. All you have to do is cut the stems at an angle, make sure the vase has fresh water, add some flower food and the lilies will take care of the rest - that is, being beautiful!

If you buy or use lilies that are more in bloom and open, be careful with the pollen, and enjoy the lily in all its splendour. A fresh-cut lily will bloom for at least two weeks.

For more information visit the website dedicated to lilies:


The first stories of this stunning flower date back to the Classical Era, when ancient Greeks and Romans gave brides a crown made of lilies.

The popularity of this stunning flower dates as far back as 1580 BC, when images of lilies were discovered in a villa on the Greek island of Crete. The name ‘Lily’ comes from the botanic name, Lilium (Latin), which was derived from the Greek word ‘leirion’. It is assumed that this was referring to the true white Madonna Lily, as lilies of other colours were referred to as ‘krinon’ by the Greeks.

An old wives tale also uses this versatile flower to predict the gender of an unborn child! If you’re interested, you’ll also need a rose. Then, approach the mum-to-be holding a lily in one hand and a rose in the other. If she chooses the rose it will be a girl, and if she picks the lily it will be a boy!


Second only to the rose in terms of popularity, the lily has an extraordinary range of meanings in different religions and cultures! Everlasting love, purity, innocence, passion, wealth, tenderness and good luck... the list goes on!

Lilies can be found across the globe - in Europe, India, Japan, the USA, and Canada to name a few! Hence, it is no surprise that the Lily has a different meaning in different religions and cultures. To the ancient Greeks, it symbolised tenderness, while in Feng Shui it expresses abundance. In Japan, the Lily is a symbol of good luck, and in Chinese culture means ‘being forever in love’. The Lily is a holy flower for the Assyrians, and Catholicism uses it as a symbol of purity. When the colour of the lily is white, Catholic tradition also connects the Lily to the Virgin Mary!

Lilies can also mean very different things depending on their colour or species. Do you want to express passion? Go for orange lilies! Celebrating a promotion? Opt for Tiger lilies (majesty and wealth) or Pink Stargazer lilies (prosperity and wealth). While white lilies symbolize purity, innocence and virtue, they are just as popular for weddings as they are for funerals.

For more lily information and inspiration, visit Your Lily or Flower Emotions!

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